Here’s what people are saying!

“A true story about grassroots activism, persistence, and tenacity. A sort of modern day David and Goliath, a seemingly average person taking on insurance companies and large corporations. Little do they know the fighter they’re dealing with.” Amazon Customer

“This book should be tagged in any and every university that teaches law and classes in the fields of deaf education, audiology and speech-language.” Ann D.

“Empowering! This is a ‘can-do’ story! What an emotional rollercoaster! I am sure we have all felt the frustration of a denied claim or the craziness of government. This shows the struggle of a mom and her daughter making a real difference against all odds.” Amazon Customer

“I was attracted to the cover of this book because of the adorable young girl and Governor Corzine. Reading it was such an informative experience for me. As a Speech Pathologist I was interested in the etiology of Grace’s hearing disability, but I learned so much more. The prohibitive cost of ear molds and hearing aides is untenable for parents, particularly when other therapies are necessary. Parents should not be put in that situation. Congratulations to Jeanine Gleba for being the incredible parent she is, and the determined Advocate she has proven herself to be!” Ellyn M.

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