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Jeanine Gleba spearheaded a grassroots advocacy campaign in order to ensure that the children of New Jersey could have better access to the hearing devices they need.  She has been dubbed the “Erin Brockovich of hearing aids”.

Her own daughter, Grace, was diagnosed with a severe hearing loss as a result of her newborn hearing screening and was first fitted with hearing aids when she was three months old.

Jeanine and her husband, Bill, worked very hard in order to provide their daughter with the hearing devices she needed, and Grace has flourished. But for some families, the cost can be a barrier. Wanting to help enable other parents to offer their hard-of-hearing children the technology they need, Jeanine set out to create change. It “only” took nine years to change the law.

On December 30, 2008, Grace’s Law, which mandates hearing aid insurance coverage for children 15 and younger, was signed into law in New Jersey.

Called the “Warrior Mom”, Jeanine continues to advocate for those with hearing difficulties. After Grace’s Law passed she entered the political arena and served as Deputy Mayor and Councilwoman in her home town for 6 years. She currently serves on the NJ Audiology and Speech-Language Pathology Advisory Committee as a Public Member and is the Advocacy Manager for a non-profit organization. She’s published several articles in various magazines and journals over the years.

In recognition of her efforts, Jeanine has been awarded:

  • 2014 Hear Strong Ambassador
  • 2013 National Alexander Graham Bell Award of Distinction
  • 2009 NJ Speech Language Hearing Association Presidential Award
  • Honorary Chair of the 2009 Gala for the Babies at Lake Drive
  • 2008 American Speech-Language-Hearing Association Certificate of Appreciation
  • 2007 Brian C. Shomo Parent Leadership Award
  • 2004 Alexander Graham Bell Parent Section’s “Parent Recognition” Award (NJ Chapter)
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