The Book

After the initial shock of finding their daughter, Grace, was deaf, Jeanine and her husband Bill decided they would find a way for her to live as productively and happily as their two young sons. Decisions had to be made during infancy about how to teach Grace, where she should receive her education, the financial impact of her healthcare costs, and more. Whether a child is deaf or disabled in some other way, these types of decisions are faced by their parents every day. Jeanine and Bill found a path for Grace to thrive, and their experience is a guide for other parents facing similar crises.

Beyond their adjustments and coping required to handle Grace’s hearing loss, Jeanine was also faced with the financial burden of Grace’s care. Upon discovering her employer –  a pioneer in listening technology – refused coverage, Jeanine fought back. But, then she went beyond her own predicament and fought with Grace at her side on behalf of all families who were affected by this lack of insurance coverage for an expensive and necessary medical device, so her child could hear, speak, and function in the world on her own. Along the way, both Jeanine and Grace grew stronger. Jeanine found a voice against injustice she didn’t know she had. And, Grace learned how to speak up and advocate for herself. Its impact will ring true with every American family who has been frustrated by a health care insurance system that doesn’t “listen” to their needs.

Readers will learn the power of perseverance as well as motivate individuals that they too can stand up and fight for what is right.

The book includes actual family photographs.

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